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Salmorejo Shot with Crispy Ham Toast

White Almond Gazpacho & Beet Chips

Avocado And Cucumber Gazpacho and Parmesan Chip

Fresh Vegetables Sticks & 3 colour hummus

Spanish Tortilla & Pepper Padron Pincho

Tropical Ceviche Spoon

Apricot ,chicken and almond salad

Green tender leaves & Berry Salad

Mini Papaya Salad

Avocado and Prawns mini Cones

Chirashi Salmon &Avocado Ponzu & Sesame

Mix Italian Bruschetta

Mix Croquets

Tempura prawns

Mix Maki

Mix California

Tempura Fried Maki

Tempura Vegetables

Parmesan Lollipop and polenta cube

Chicken Lollipop

Cucumber ,Philadelphia, salmon and balsamic caviar rolls

Roast Beef & Fries

Ricotta and Spinach Paccheri Skewers

Quail Eggs and Caviar Skewers

Shrimps Skewers Citrus Sauce

Mini Burger

Butter ,Lemon and sage Tortellini Spoon

Salted Macarons

Caramelised apricot and kofta meat bowls

Salted Profiteroles

Caramelised Figs on Crispy Iberic Ham Toast

Exotic Tuna Tartar Mango & Passion Fruit

Mini Fish & Chips

Mini Shrimp Tacos

Sea bass Ceviche Raspberry & Granny Smith

Carrot Cake


Fruit tartlet




Mini Choux

Mix Fruit Cheese Cake

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